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Quick-push-in connectors - hose fittings

A comprehensive selection of all types of power connectors can be ordered in our ITV online shop. Our range includes push-in connections, plug connectors, quick screw connections up to threaded or hose nozzles and press fittings.

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Threaded fittings - general accesories

A large selection of connections for linking and connecting threads of all kinds are included in the ITV product range

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Our range includes quick-release coupling sockets and appropriate coupling plugs. Temperature control couplings, plastic LinkTech couplings, hydraulic couplings and much more are available in our ITV online shop.

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Tubing - hoses - pipes - clamps & accescories

In contrast to many other providers, ITV not only offers hoses and pipes as complete rolls or rods but also gives you the opportunity of ordering them exactly in the desired lengths you need.

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Ball valves - Fittings

The ITV range includes ball valves for a wide variety of applications. In order to release flow rates in a controlled way or to reduce them permanently, you will of course also find various valves, gate valves and butterfly valves.

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Pressure regulator - Pressure gauge - Thermometer - Preparing

When it comes to service units, you can choose between different series, which are different in quality, performance and price. When it comes to compressed air preparation, pressure and temperature measurement, we also pay heed to European branded goods.

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Valves - Throttles - Silencers

ITV offers a large selection of pneumatic valves in different levels of quality. We usually supply solenoid valves with solenoid coils and plugs; many other suppliers only supply these at an additional cost.

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Cylinders - shock absorbers - vacuum

ITV's product range includes hydraulic and pneumatic drives. When it comes to vacuum technology, we not only supply suction cups, but also ejectors for vacuum generation including accessories.

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Blow gun - Compressed air tool - Tools

You will find pneumatic, hydraulic and hand-operated tools in our online shop. In addition to compressed air-driven blow guns, tyre inflators and tools in various designs, the range also includes washing guns and Power Team hydraulic tools.

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general industrial hardware & accesories

ITV supplies a wide variety of commercial customers from the industry, crafts and public sectors. In addition to this demand-oriented, high-quality range, our customers are particularly impressed by the rapid and reliable processing of orders.

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